Friday, July 12, 2024
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For Your Consideration: Final Oscar Predictions in All 23 Categories, Where Upsets Lurk in the Acting Races

Welcome to the penultimate episode of this season of For Your Consideration, the internet’s most beloved awards talk show, hosted by Oscar experts Scott Mantz, Perri Nemiroff, and Jeff Sneider

This week, the gang makes their final Oscar predictions in all 23 categories, including Best Picture, where Everything Everywhere All at Once is the clear frontrunner, having triumphed across the major guilds, though Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front remains a dark horse threat.

The acting prizes, however, remain up in the air, with only Ke Huy Quan a lock for Best Supporting Actor. Cate Blanchett and Brendan Fraser are still locked in battles with Michelle Yeoh and Austin Butler, while Bet Supporting Actress is anyone’s guess, as all five nominees are deserving in their own right.

A big question is whether Sarah Polley will win Best Adapted Screenplay for Women Talking, or whether All Quiet on the Western Front will surprise in that category. Best Editing also appears to be a fierce competition between EEAAO and Top Gun: Maverick.

Jeff gets outvoted on multiple fronts this episode, as he thinks we’re in for some surprises on Sunday, whereas Scott and Perri play it a little bit safer, as they have the precursors on their side. Many of these categories will come down to a theoretical coin toss, such as Best Production Design, where Elvis and Babylon will have to hold off stiff competition from All Quiet on the Western Front.

Finally, everyone seems to be in agreement that Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio is a shoo-in to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, though not everyone agrees on the winner of Best Documentary, where Navalny is squaring off against Fire of Love.

Above the Line will be the home of For Your Consideration this season, though all episodes will debut on Perri’s YouTube channel, so be sure to leave a comment with your own thoughts on this year’s Oscar race. You can follow the gang on Twitter and Instagram at @MovieMantz, @PNemiroff, and @TheInSneider, and if you missed last week’s episode recapping the SAG awards and how they’ll impact the Oscars, you can catch it right here.

Until next time, we’ll FYC-ya later!



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