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Oscars 2022: Submissions for Best International Feature, Listed by Country

Below, you can find a comprehensive list of submissions for the International Feature Oscar at the upcoming 95th Academy Awards, where Lukas Dhont‘s Belgian drama Close is positioned among the frontrunners.

Park Chan-wook‘s Korean movie Decision to Leave and Alice Diop‘s French film Saint Omer are also expected to factor into the mix, while India selected Last Film Show over its breakout hit RRR, much to Film Twitter’s dismay. Elsewhere, Russia announced it would not submit a film for Oscar consideration this year, nor did that country seem particularly welcome this year given its invasion of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Alejandro González Iñárritu is in the mix with his Mexican film Bardo, which will debut Dec. 16 on Netflix after drawing mixed reviews out of Venice and Telluride, which prompted the director to cut 22 minutes from the film in recent weeks.

Ali Abbassi’s serial killer thriller Holy Spider will also be among the top contenders along with Jerzy Skolimowski‘s EO, a movie about a wayward donkey that hails from Janus Films, which released last year’s winner Drive My Car. Marie Kreutzer‘s Corsage (with Vicky Krieps) could also play a factor, as could Cairo Conspiracy (fka Boy From Heaven) from Swedish filmmaker Tarik Saleh.

An Academy committee will narrow the below list of 92 films to a shortlist of 15 films, which will be announced on Dec. 21. Academy members from all branches are invited to opt-in to participate in the preliminary round of voting for Best International Feature, with around 1,100 expected to do so (which requires watching a certain number — 8 or 9 — of the submitted films).

Nominations voting runs from Jan. 12-17, 2023, with Oscar nominations unveiled on Jan. 24. Final voting will take place from March 2-7, and the ceremony will be held on Sunday, March 12, airing live on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET/ 5:00 p.m. PT.

The Academy’s official list of submissions can be found below:

Albania: A Cup of Coffee and New Shoes On (Një Filxhan Kafe dhe Këpucë të Reja Veshur)

Algeria: Our Brothers (Nos frangins)

Argentina: Argentina, 1985

Armenia: Aurora’s Sunrise

Australia: You Won’t Be Alone

Austria: Corsaga

Azerbaijan: Creators

Bangladesh: Hawa

Belgium: Close

Bolivia: Utama

Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Ballad (Balada)

Brazil: Mars One (Marte Um)

Bulgaria: In the Heart of the Machine

Cambodia: Return to Seoul

Cameroon: The Planters Plantation

Canada: Eternal Spring

Chile: Blanquita

China: Nice View

Colombia: The Kings of the World (Los reyes del mundo)

Costa Rica: Domingo and the Mist (Domingo y la niebla)

Crotia: Safe Place (Sigurno mjesto)

Czech Republic: Il Boemo

Denmark: Holy Spider

Dominican Republic: Bantú Mama

Ecuador: Lo invisible

Estonia: Kalev

Finland: Girl Picture (Tytöt tytöt tytöt)

France: Saint Omer

Georgia: A Long Break

Germany: All Quiet on the Western Front (Im Westen Nichts Neues)

Greece: Magnetic Fields (Magnitika pedia)

Guatemala: The Silence of the Mole (El silencio del topo)

Hong Kong: Where the Wind Blows

Hungary: Blockade (Blokád)

Iceland: Beautiful Beings (Berdreymi)

India: Last Film Show (Chhello Show)

Indonesia: Missing Home (Ngeri-Ngeri Sedap)

Iran: World War III (Jang-e jahāni-e sevvom)

Iraq: The Exam

Ireland: The Quiet Girl

Israel: Cinema Sabaya

Italy: Nostalgia

Japan: Plan 75

Jordan: Farha

Kazakhstan: Life

Kenya: TeraStorm

Kosovo: Looking for Venera (Në kërkim të Venerës)

Kyrgyzstan: Home for Sale

Latvia: January (Janvāris)

Lebanon: Memory Box

Lithuania: Pilgrims (Piligrimai)

Luxembourg: Icarus (Icare)

Mexico: Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

Moldova: Carbon

Mongolia: Harvest Moon

Montenegro: The Elegy of Laurel (Elegija lovora)

Morocco: The Blue Caftan

Nepal: Butterfly on the Windowpane (Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali)

Netherlands: Narcosis

New Zealand: Muru

North Macedonia: The Happiest Man in the World (Najsrekjniot Chovek Na Svetot)

Norway: War Sailor (Krigsseileren)

Pakistan: Joyland

Palestine: Mediterranean Fever

Panama: Birthday Boy (Cumpleañero)

Paraguay: Eami

Peru: Moon Heart (El corazón de la luna)

Philippines: On the Job: The Missing 8

Poland: EO (IO)

Portugal: Alma Viva

Romania: Immaculate (Imaculat)

Saudi Arabia: Raven Song

Senegal: Xalé

Serbia: Darkling (Mrak)

Singapore: Ajoomma

Slovakia: Victim (Oběť)

Slovenia: Orchestra (Orkester)

South Korea: Decision to Leave (Heojil kyolshim)

Spain: Alcarràs

Sweden: Cairo Conspiracy (fka Boy From Heaven)

Switzerland: A Piece of Sky (Drii Winter)

Taiwan: Goddamned Asura

Tanzania: Tug of War (Vuta N’Kuvute)

Thailand: One for the Road

Tunisia: Under the Fig Trees (Sous les figues)

Turkey: Kerr

Uganda: Tembele

Ukraine: Klondike

United Kingdom: Winners

Uruguay: The Employer and the Employee (El empleado y el patrón)

Venezuela: The Box (La caja)

Vietnam: Magnum



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