Sunday, May 26, 2024
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For Your Consideration: The Films and Performances We’re Grateful for This Year

Welcome to a brand new episode of For Your Consideration, the internet’s most beloved awards talk show, hosted by Oscar experts Scott Mantz, Perri Nemiroff, and Jeff Sneider.

This week, the gang takes a break from prognosticating and gets in the holiday spirit, simply highlighting some of their favorite films and performances this year and giving thanks for them.

Scott is particularly thankful for William Shatner, and he reveals some exciting news about his Star Trek hero, while Perri expresses her gratitude for this year’s exemplary crop of horror movies, including the latest Scream sequel. The two of them also thank the studios that have asked them to moderate some pretty cool Q&A’s of late.

Elsewhere, Jeff stays on brand by giving thanks for politically incorrect movies such as Louis C.K.‘s comedy 4th of July and Beth de Araujo‘s thriller Soft & Quiet, as he still values the freedom to offend people that America affords its artists. He’s also grateful for the veteran directors who are still churning out great movies, and the studios still willing to take a big swing and pay for them.

Finally, all three FYC hosts are grateful for you, the folks who watch the show, many of whom have been doing so for years now. Your loyalty does not go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Above the Line will be the home of For Your Consideration this season, though all episodes will debut on Perri’s YouTube channel, so be sure to leave a comment with your own thoughts on this year’s Best Actress race. You can follow the gang on Twitter and Instagram at @MovieMantz, @PNemiroff, and @TheInSneider, and if you missed last week’s episode about the Best Director race, you can catch it right here.

Until next time, we’ll FYC-ya later!



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