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Paris Hilton’s Empowering Memoir Coming to TV Courtesy of A24 and the Fanning Sisters; Series Seeking Writer

Paris Hilton has always been something of a pop culture curiosity.

I actually met her once at a launch event for PlayStation 3 back in 2006, and I have to say, she was lovely. The former reality star was hanging with Anna Faris at the time — Faris and Paris! — and she was being swarmed by a horde of photographers that trailed her every move. She stopped to entertain them, leaving Faris on her own for a few minutes, and as a young trade reporter, I sensed an opportunity to chat with the talented comedienne from Just Friends, The Hot Chick, and the Scary Movie franchise.

Paris Hilton was, shall we say, not used to this. A young male reporter — more like intern, but nevermind that detail — holding a tape recorder and showing more interest in her friend than her? How insulting! Possibly, but perhaps that’s what made me different and stand out among a sea of celebrity sycophants. Suddenly, the blonde heiress turned and walked away from the spotlight, ignoring the gawkers and sidling up next to Faris in selfless support of her friend, giving us both her full attention.

I remember Paris being very complimentary of Anna, and quite witty in her own right. She certainly had a good sense of humor about herself and the commotion she seemed to cause. I don’t know who invited who to that event but in that quite genuine moment, in my opinion, Paris made for the perfect plus-one. I have no idea if the two are still close, but part of me wants to believe in a Hollywood friendship that has spanned multiple decades.

The reason I bring up Ms. Hilton? On Thursday, in a deal worth a reported six figures, A24 picked up the rights to her appropriate titled memoir Paris: The Memoir with the plan to produce a TV series alongside siblings Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether either Fanning sister plans to play Hilton at any point in her life during “the age of influencers.” The memoir is described as an empowering story of a woman who felt her power was taken away from her, and how she took it back while building a full life for herself, complete with a husband, a family, and a thriving business.

The Fanning Sisters
Images via Sony Pictures and Hulu

Hilton is involved with the series, as she’ll executive produce alongside the Fanning sisters and their Lewellen Pictures partner Brittany Kahan Ward, as well as Bruce Gersh and David Bernad. A24 is producing with Hilton’s 11:11 Media and its Slivington Manor banner, as well as Lewellen Pictures and Bernad’s Middle Child Pictures. Deadline broke the news.

“There are so many young women who need to hear this story. I don’t want them to learn from my mistakes; I want them to stop hating themselves for their own mistakes. I want them to laugh and cry and embrace every aspect of who they are with fearlessness and pride. We all have our own brand of intelligence, and, girl, f–k fitting in,” Hilton has previously explained regarding her choice to pen a memoir at such a young age.

It’s a message that Hollywood loves to preach, of course, though I’m not always sure it practices what it preaches… though A24 just might. They’re an oasis in a raging storm these days, and whether you love an A24 movie or hate it, you have to respect it. the company has a pretty good track record on TV, too, between Euphoria, The Idol, and Beef. And yeah, I said it.

A24 hasn’t hired a writer on the project yet, but if this does prove to be a starring vehicle for one of the Fannings, rest assured that Ward will make sure that her clients are in good hands. The trio produced Hulu’s award-winning series The Great as well as its acclaimed limited series The Girl From Plainview, and it’s currently producing a docuseries about Dr. Ann Burgess, who is one of the FBI’s most famous criminal profilers. As someone who has read every book that John Douglas has written, I’m quite familiar with Dr. Burgess and her work, and I can’t wait to see what Lewellen has up their sleeve with Mastermind.

Hilton is represented by United Talent Agency, which also reps the Fannings along with Echo Lake Entertainment.



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