Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Yellowstone to Make Broadcast Debut on CBS This Fall as Ms. Marvel Heads to ABC

With no end in sight to the ongoing Writers Strike, CBS has been forced to make some changes to its fall TV lineup, which will now include the broadcast debut of Yellowstone.

The Kevin Costner-led series created by Taylor Sheridan first premiered on the Paramount Network and later began streaming on Paramount+, both of which, like CBS, are owned by Paramount Global.

CBS isn’t the only broadcast network repurposing shows that have already aired elsewhere, as ABC will begin airing the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel next month. The pipeline can go both ways, as SEAL Team, which migrated from CBS to Paramount+ two years ago, is now returning to CBS, where Season 5 will air on Thursdays at 10 p.m. this fall.

This kind of platform flexibility is a smart move for both networks, which won’t be able to count on having new episodes of their hit series or introducing new shows. NBC is in the same boat, as programming such as its popular Law & Order franchise is also being impacted by Hollywood’s double strike.

Of course, all three networks will also air plenty of reruns (hello, Blue Bloods!) as well as game shows (The Price Is Right at Night, anyone?) and reality competition series such as The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor, plus new entrant Buddy Games from Josh Duhamel.

CBS is even turning to U.K. shows its audience may be familiar with, as it will air reruns of its hit comedy Ghosts alongside episodes of the original British series that inspired the American version.

As for Yellowstone, Season 1 will begin airing on Sundays at 9 p.m. this fall. It won’t be the last streaming series to get a broadcast premiere, so stay tuned to find out which other shows will be making the leap, and whether Netflix is willing to get in on the licensing action and make a deal with one of its content-starved competitors…



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